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The Godbowl

The Godbowl is an internationally recognised skateboarding facility. 

Located on the south side of Brisbane, the Godbowl has a rich 15 year history. Address: 322 Wecker Road Carindale, Brisbane QLD

#The facility includes


The Godbowl

A 4 to 8 foot deep
American-style backyard pool


Kwala mini ramp

5 foot half-pipe


Stoke Bowl

2 foot mini wooden bowl
Kindly donated to Red Frogs by Brisbane City Council


Outdoor section

Including China bank, 2 foot spine ramp, wall ride, up/down ledge, manual pad and 4 foot quarter pipe.


Junior Session

For children ages 5 and up
Every Wednesday (during school terms only)
4 – 5:30pm

Open Session

For anyone over 16 (beginners through to expert level welcome)
Every Wednesday
6pm – 10pm

Please note: anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the Indemnity form before they can use the Godbowl facility. Indemnity forms must be signed in front of a Boardriders crew member. 

#If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you

Godbowl Has Been Especially Great for Our Oldest Son. He Has Had a Tough Few Years at School With Friends and a Lot of Anxiety. He Really Looks Forward to Godbowl. He Really Looks Up to Everyone There. We Are Very Grateful for Everyone Involved, for Giving Their Time to Input Into Our Kids.


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