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Skatepark Shepherds

Skatepark Shepherds is where Red Frogs all began, with one Shepherd, Andy Gourley, simply looking out and caring for a small group of skaters. A Skatepark Shepherd is a person or group of people who have a shepherd’s heart for their local community, to reach out and care for local skaters while positively influencing skate culture.



Develop more positive skateboarding communities.


Allow skaters to feel accepted, valued and safe.


Establish amongst the skaters a sense of ownership of their local skatepark, to take care of both the facility and the people.

#Participating Skateparks

Godbowl, Carindale QLD

Atherton Skate Park, QLD

Elder St Skate Park, Nambour QLD

Alexandra Headland Skate Park, QLD

Bracken Ridge Skate Plaza, QLD

Bateman’s Bay Skate Park, NSW

Charlestown Skate Park, NSW

#Keen to become a Skatepark Shepherd in your area?