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Tips for Bali

Bali-bound for Schoolies? Here's six tips for safe celebrations.


Ensure you're insured

Make sure you get the right travel insurance policy for your time away – read the fine print to know what is and is not covered before you get there. This will help in the case of natural disasters including volcano eruptions.


Ignorance is not bliss

Know and obey the local laws. There have been some changes to drug and alcohol laws in Indonesia, so be sure to know the boundaries.


Be in the know!

Subscribe to the latest travel alerts at and download the Smartraveller and Red Frog app to keep up to date (or request a walk home or visit!).


Think before you drink

If the prices of drinks are too good to be true, they probably are. Avoid shots, spirits and mixers – be alert to the possibilities of methanol poisoning.


Keep in touch with family

Be sure someone at home has copies of your itinerary, passport, insurance policy, visas and credit cards – and then be sure to call or text home to touch base.


Have Frogs on speed dial

In case you're in need of help, or just after some pancakes, make sure you've got the Red Frogs Bali hotline (+62 081 139 444 08) in your phone.

#Find Red Frogs

As well as being in 12 hotels across Bali (including the Bounty Hotel, The 101 Legian, Adi Dharma, Kuta Townhouses, Dewi Sri, Grand Barong and The Jayakarta), Red Frogs also man a hub in Kuta right next to the Bali Bombing Memorial on Jl Legian.

Red Frog Hotline

Call the Red Frogs Bali hotline 62 081 139 444 08

Download the app

Use the free Red Frog App to request a team

Visit Smartraveller

Providing Aussies with the latest information and advice for safe travel overseas

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