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Compare For Good

Be a part of doing something good, through the power of little.

The power of little can change the world and, during this crazy time in history, it’s actually the little things that have made a big difference in people’s lives.

Everybody buys electricity, so we figure if we can harness this power for good, we can help safeguard the next generation.

So we have joined forces with Compare for Good. Like us, they believe in the power of the individual to make real change and they want to help the Frogs. Yeah, we get it, electricity is boring - but it is necessary (imagine life without it!) and by changing how we buy it, we can come together to be a positive force.

Join us. Be a part of doing something good, through the power of little.

You Can Help Safeguard the Future of Our Nation’S Young People Simply by Doing One Small Thing - Switching your Energy Provider.

Check It Out

How does it work?

Compare for Good gives you access to electricity, gas, and other deals. It’s a very simple process and you can do it all online. There is no cost to you to compare prices on your energy bills and there is no cost to you to switch if you choose to do so. For every switch Compare for Good gives Red Frogs 30 bucks - awesome!

What are the benefits?

You make a difference. Like us, Compare for Good's core business goal is to do good. It costs you nothing, you get to save on electricity and for every switch, Red Frogs get $30! Imagine if everyone at your workplace, uni or church did it? That's the power of little.

How do I start?

All you need to do is click the link below and request a call from the amazing team at Compare for Good who are ready to save you money on your energy and gas. (We assure you they're great and won't harass you!)

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#Thank you for your support