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Blue Card Requirements (QLD)

Before you volunteer with Red Frogs in Queensland you must be a current Blue Card Holder, which allows you to work with children and young people. 

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Application/Renewal of a Blue Card:

An individual who proposes to volunteer with Red Frogs for Schoolies Week only and does not have a blue card MUST submit their application through Red Frogs by completing a Blue Card application (BC) form with a representative of Red Frogs. It has specific 'Schoolies' branding which helps fast track the approval process.

An applicant may only apply through their local church if they propose to continue in regulated child-related employment following their volunteering for Schoolies Week. In the case that an application is made through their local church, they may submit the Blue Card application (BC) formA Link an applicant/cardholder to this organisation form MUST also be completed by the applicant and emailed to Red Frogs.

If you are seeking one of the above mentioned forms please email

Authorisation/Linking an existing Blue card:

An individual who proposes to volunteer with Red Frogs for Schoolies Week and already holds a blue/exemption card MUST submit a Link an applicant/cardholder to this organisation form. This needs to verified and completed by a representative of Red Frogs directly, so please do NOT send the form directly to the Blue Card Commission.

Exemption card:

If the volunteer is a Queensland Registered Teacher/Queensland Police Officer they must submit an Exemption card application with a representative of Red Frogs, if they are providing child-related regulated services which fall outside their professional duties.

Identification verification:

On all forms submitted to Blue Card Services the applicant’s identification must be sighted as part of the application process by the authorised representative of Red Frogs. Where an individual is unable to have a Red Frogs representative sight their identification as their usual residence is more than 50km from the business address of the employer or the applicant has a disability affecting their mobility an Identification verification by a prescribed person form can be completed by a prescribed person. This form must accompany the completed blue card or exemption card application form.

Please Note:

  • You can still apply to be a volunteer even if you do not have a current blue card, however, final approval will be dependant that you have received your Blue Card prior to Friday 6th November.

  • Application Deadline – 2nd October (Your blue card application needs to be received by the Working With Children's Commission by the 2nd October to ensure that it will be processed prior to Schoolies). All enquiries about your blue card are to be made to the Commission For Children & Young People on 1800 113 611.
  • If you have applied for a Blue Card using your church as the nominated organisation it is advised you fill out the authorisation form and email this to Red Frogs. This form will give Red Frogs Australia permission to access your blue card status at an earlier date and speed up the application process.

  • If you are seeking one of the above mentioned forms please email


You MUST have a blue card to volunteer with Red Frogs.

No "ifs" or "buts".

Already have an existing Blue Card?

You still need to link it to Red Frogs.

Police officers and registered teachers do not apply for blue cards.

But you will need to apply for an exemption card.

Unable to get a Red Frog employee to sign your form?

You will need to fill in an Identification Verification form.

Blue cards are valid for three years.

So don't forget to renew.

There is no application fee for volunteers.


If you are seeking one of the above mentioned forms please email