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Since 2006, Red Frogs have had a positive presence in the Australian music industry. We love providing support to festival patrons and touring musicians at some of the country's largest music festivals.

Our crew work closely and transparently with the festival's First Aid contractor in order to provide a holistic crowd care strategy, where the medical response becomes proactive instead of reactive. Essentially, we are the fence at the top of the cliff, instead of the ambulance at the bottom.

We safeguard over 700,000 patrons at 42 events each year to create a safer space in the music industry.

#What we do

You can find the same Red Frog Crew that help at schoolies/leavers week at music festivals all over Australia! We help with:


Free Water

Red Frogs facilitate hydrations stations to make sure patrons don’t get dehydrated on those hot sunny days.


Free Food

Where possible, we provide food - which helps to line the stomachs of patrons who might be drinking excessively.


Free Frogs

We also have a chill-out area so patrons can take time out from the mosh pit and hang out with the Froggers.


First Response

Our crew are constantly roving event/festival grounds to ensure patrons are safe, and to provide immediate help where needed.

#Our experience

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Red Frogs have been supporting festival-goers since 2006


Festivals supported


Festival patrons supported

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About our Festival Program

About our Festival Program

Without too much boasting, we can now proudly say we're the largest provider of welfare at festivals in Australia through our expert patron management strategies.

Join the crew

Join the crew

Do you have a heart for the next generation? Join the festival frog crew and help make a difference in the lives of others.

Band Support

Band Support

Red Frogs also provide a national support and chaplaincy network for touring musicians, roadies and management which fosters a global community that celebrates and supports artists.

Festival Endorsements

Festival Endorsements

Check out what festivals have to say about the work we do.

Festival Survival Tips

Festival Survival Tips

Heading to a festival? Check out these great tips!

#Get in touch

Event enquiry

Talk to us about how we can support your festival or event.

Band support enquiry

Talk to us about how we can support your band.