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Festival Endorsements

'Groovin the Moo' music festival

"Red Frogs have worked with our national touring music event for the past 5 years and we consider them to be an important part of our audience management programme.

At our events Red Frogs provide support to security, Police and the medical team through roaming the crowd proactively and looking out for audience members who might need to take some time to chill out or receive extra hydration. Back at the First Aid area Red Frogs provide support through supplying a Youth Referral Officer who handles our under-age patrons and is there to support or comfort those being treated as well as their friends or family members who may be with them.

Red Frogs have played a very important role in the development of a strong community feel within GTM. They ensure that a safe and supportive environment is provided to all audience members and for that we can't recommend them highly enough."

Security Provider - Stereosonic

"I just had the pleasure of being part of the control room team for Stereosonic out in Perth, and I was impressed with the service Red Frogs provided, and the gap between medical, security, and friends that seemed to be filled by your crew.

I provide security support services to event companies across the UK, and something that often comes up in the debrief is the lack of coverage in the welfare section - people aren't ill, so they are not a first aid issue. People aren't acting up, so they're not a a security issue, and people aren't children, so they're not a child welfare issue.

For these reasons, I can't recommend Red Frogs highly enough and look forward to incorporating your services in to festivals across the UK in the future."

Adrian Schrinner - Deputy Mayor, Brisbane City Council

"It is my pleasure to express my full support to Red Frogs Australia and their work at music festivals.

For more than fifteen years Red Frogs Australia have provided our youth community with support and a positive peer presence in adolescence environments such as schoolies to empower young people to make positive life choices.

Red Frogs Australia has now extended their involvement to festivals and event organisers. A partnership such as this will provide extra support to promoters, venue managers, First Aid providers and security at festivals by volunteering to man water stations and chill out zones, help promote a safe environment and by acting as an intermediary between patronage and other service providers. These services will potentially lead to a decrease of harmful situations and injury.

I therefore have no hesitation in providing my full support for Red Frogs Australia becoming our preferred and recommended volunteer support providers at Brisbane Riverstage events."

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