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Over 1500 Red Frog volunteers provide direct relief, safety and support to young people during Schoolies/Leavers Week across 14 locations.

Red Frogs recognises that the culture of young people is dominated by alcohol. In situations such as Schoolies/Leavers Week, excessive consumption of alcohol and other substances means that things can often get out of hand and potentially alter the direction of a young person’s future. Our volunteers act as the eyes and ears in accommodation venues and out on the streets, providing a positive peer presence to school leavers.

We assist school leavers in many different ways, offering Pancake cook-ups, Room visits & games, Room cleans, Emotional support, Walk homes and red Frogs.

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Gold Coast

Sat 18 Nov - Sat 2 Dec


Sat 18 Nov - Sat 25 Nov

Fraser Island QLD

Sat 18 Nov - Sat 25 Nov

Airlie Beach

Sat 18 Nov - Sat 25 Nov

Byron Bay

Sat 25 Nov - Sat 2 Dec

South West WA

Sat 19 Nov - Thu 23 Nov

Lorne, VIC

Sat 25 Nov - Sat 2 Dec

Torquay, VIC

Sat 25 Nov - Sat 2 Dec

Rye, VIC

Sat 25 Nov - Sat 2 Dec

Phillip Island, VIC

Sat 25th Nov - Sat 2nd Dec


Sat 19 Nov - Sun 10 Dec


Mon 27 Nov - Sat 2 Dec

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#Resources & FAQ's

Schoolies Myths

Schoolies Myths

Let's get a couple of things straight...

Schoolies/Leavers Survival Tips

Schoolies/Leavers Survival Tips

Here are some tips on how to have a safe and enjoyable Schoolies.

FAQs for Parents

FAQs for Parents

Here are some FAQs we're often asked by parents.

FAQs for Schoolies Volunteers

FAQs for Schoolies Volunteers

Keen to volunteer but want to know more? This will help you out.

#Are you a business, accommodation or agency? We'd love to partner with you for Schoolies/Leavers week.