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Schoolies Info for Parents

Throughout these years of experience we have learnt a lot about how school-leavers tend to spend their time at Schoolies/Leavers, and what we (and you) can do to safeguard them during their week of celebrations.

Below are some resources and tips that will prepare and equip you and your child for a safe and enjoyable School Leavers Week this November.

The Red Frog Crew have been providing direct relief at school leavers locations around Australia since 1997

#Red Frogs Schoolies locations 2020


Airlie Beach
Gold Coast


Byron Bay


Phillip Island


South West

Red Frogs saved my life and invested in me when I had nothing, when I was nothing. When I'd given up on myself, they gave me the strength I needed to push through.


#Schoolies Tips & Advice

Overseas Advice for Parents

Overseas Advice for Parents

So, Your Child Wants to Go Overseas for Schoolies?

Parent FAQs for Schoolies

Parent FAQs for Schoolies

Have a child heading to schoolies? Here a a few answers that might help out.

Further Resources

Further Resources

Need more info? We've got you covered.


Navigating the transition of your child through schooling, schoolies/leavers and into the real world can be a challenge. So we'd love to help you. If you are interested in hearing more about our upcoming Parent Seminars, please express your interest below.

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