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Facts & Stats

Here are some fun facts about Red Frogs


Red Frogs Australia Chaplaincy Network was founded by skateboarding accountant Andy Gourley


Volunteers are recruited each year and are the heartbeat of the Red Frogs network


Schoolies locations Australia-wide as well as Bali and Fiji, with over 80,000 School leavers attending (excl 2020)


Longest recorded walk home at Schoolies


Cups of water handed out annually


Major Universities Red Frogs operates in, and over 90% of Residential Colleges across Australia


Patrons safeguarded at over 41 festivals last year


Over 7221 calls were received on the Red Frog Hotline in 2019 during Schoolies week


Of Allen's Frogs Alive red frogs lollies will be distributed in 2019


Students equipped and empowered to make positive choices through the Red Frogs Education program in 2019


Professional sporting players, staff and families supported in 2019


People impacted by Red Frogs each year

"I attended a music festival last weekend and it was the most horrific night of my life. If Red Frogs and paramedics weren’t there I wouldn’t be here either today. I stupidly chose to take an MDMA pill for the first time thinking "I’ll be fine what’s the worst that could happen"? 30 minutes later my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I started hallucinating. I couldn’t see because my vision was so blurry so I went straight to the Red Frogs tent. I spent over 7 hours there, vomiting and panicking just thinking I was going to die. Throughout the night I was fed food and water but when I got up I had a seizure. The paramedics took care of me then but if neither of you guys were there I wouldn’t be alive today."

Festival Patron


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