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Allen's Lollies

Creating a world of smiles

The Allen’s red frog lolly is used by volunteers to share a smile and start a conversation.

When the lolly is handed to someone, it stops being just a lolly… it sends a message that we care, they matter and we believe in them! We are so thankful to Allens for providing this lolly year in and year out to act as an ice-breaker that helps us safeguard over 1.4 million people annually. Support Allen's by visiting their Facebook page or website and stay up with new products and various promotions.

After all, we may grow up, but we never grow out of sweets.

Allen's Lollies have been a major supporter to Red Frogs Australia and donate a generous 24 tonnes of Allen's 'Frogs Alive' Lollies every year!

#watch 'More than just a lolly'