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Sponsor a VolunteerFund a Frog for Schoolies!

Red Frog Schoolies/Leavers volunteers are dedicated individuals who give up their personal time to look after young people in their time of need.

Many actually take annual leave from work or sacrifice their part-time income to cover the costs associated with their volunteering. You can play a part by helping put a volunteer on the ground to safeguard, support and serve the next generation.

You can play a part by helping put a volunteer on the ground at Schoolies/Leavers week.

Why do we need volunteers?

We've seen undeniable proof that having a Red Frog volunteer available and present in a situation where young people are vulnerable can drastically change the outcome for good - and possibly change the course of that person's life.

Why does it cost money?

At many Schoolies/Leavers there are fixed location costs such as accom, food, flights etc. which are all incurred for each volunteer. The cost for an individual to be a volunteer ranges from $60 - $800.

Are donations tax deductible?

Unfortunately, donations are unable to be tax-deductible at this time.

How do I help?

You can contribute/donate money towards the fee for a Schoolies Red Frog Worker.

Sponsor a Volunteer

So we got the call and rushed to the room, Adam started talking to the schoolie and found out that he asked a girl out and she turned him down which was the tipping point for everything he had bottled up, and it got too much for him. Adam was talking to him, just showing him someone cared for him and wanted to listen, while planting little seeds of hope into him helping him realise this isn’t the end. As he was going in the ambulance he turned to us crying and said "thank you for saving my life".

Red Frog Schoolies Volunteer

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