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Volunteering as a Frogger is an awesome opportunity for you to not only get connected with others who have a like-minded passion for the next generation, but to safeguard young people in their time of need.

From cooking pancakes to walking schoolies home in the early hours of the morning you can guarantee you will leave Schoolies/Leavers week knowing that you have made a difference in the life of someone else.

you will leave Schoolies/Leavers knowing that you have made a difference in the life of someone else.

#Why do it?






#Do you have a current Blue Card or WWCC?

If the answer is no, hold up! In order to be a Red Frog volunteer you must have one of these in your hot little hands.

No Blue Card or WWCC? No sweat! You can apply right now! Please choose below based on your state.


Blue Card Application


Working With Children Check

New South Wales

Working With Children Check

Northern Territory

Working With Children Check

Western Australia

Working With Children Check

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Volunteer FAQs

Got some questions about what your week at Schoolies might look like, or how to best prepare? Check out these FAQs.

Fundraise Your Application

Can't afford to get to Schoolies? No problem! Now fundraising can be made easy, with your very own Fund a Frog campaign through Every Day Hero.

Become an Advocate

Feel like shouting about Red Frogs from the mountain tops? You sound like a perfect fit for our advocate program.