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Join the CrewFiji

If you like the sun, beach and sand, then this Schoolies destination should be on your bucket list!

As part of the Red Frog Crew in Fiji, you will be working with a small team of 4 - 6 volunteers. You will be focused on the island where you are staying for the week, with anywhere from 100 - 600 schoolies.

Note: it is a pre-requisite that all Fiji applicants have a minimum of 3 years volunteering experience with the Red Frog program at Schoolies. If you haven't had this experience but believe that you're suitable to volunteer in Fiji, please contact Red Frogs HQ on 1300 557 123.

See below for volunteer requirements, dates, costs and roles.

Frogging at Fiji Schoolies is an awesome opportunity for you to not only get connected with others who have a like-minded passion for the next generation, but to safeguard young people in their time of need.

#Volunteer Requirements


Over the age of 18 and not part of the graduating cohort


Current Blue Card or Working With Children Check holder


Able to provide a pastoral check from your local church

#Firstly, do you have a Blue Card or WWCC?

Do you have a current Blue Card or Working With Children Check? If the answer is no, hold up! In order to be a Red Frog volunteer in Fiji you must have one of these in your hot little hands.

No Blue Card or WWCC? No sweat! You can apply right now! Please choose below based on your state.


Blue Card Application


Working With Children Check

New South Wales

Working With Children Check

Northern Territory

Working With Children Check

Western Australia

Working With Children Check

#Location Dates - 2019


Plantation Island

Week 1: 20th Nov - 26th Nov 22
Week 2: 26th Nov - 2nd Dec 22
Week 3: 2nd Dec - 8th Dec 22


Mana Island

Week 1: 19th Nov - 25th Nov 22
Week 2: 25th Nov - 1st Dec 22

#Volunteer Costs

Normal Registration

Register Before

3rd November 2020

Full Time
(Inc. accom, flights and meals)


#Fundraise your application

Can't afford to get to Schoolies/Leavers? No problem!

Can't afford to get to Schoolies/Leavers? No problem!

Why pay for Schoolies yourself when you can get your fam and friends to sponsor you. Create your own Fund a Frog campaign today!

#Red Frog Roles

As Red Frogs, our role is to support a generation of school leavers during what can be an enjoyable, yet at times, physically and emotionally confronting week. Below are the ways Red Frogs assist during Schoolies week in Fiji:

Team Member

Your primary role is to provide care, comfort and any referral required to the Schoolies in attendance. You will also work closely with the booking agent and local authorities providing assistance when necessary

You may also be required to do day activities with the school leavers (such as snorkelling, kayaking, swimming, surf trips etc), positively promoting alcohol-free fun which decreases the hard partying later in the night.

RF Creative Crew

If you're handy with a video camera or love photography, this is for you.
RF Creative get the privilege of capturing the incredible behind-the-scenes moments and stories as our crew safeguard a generation. Fiji Creative crew will also be required to help with general team member duties. For more info and to express your interest click below.

#More Info

Flights & Travel Insurance

Please DO NOT purchase flights or travel insurance as this is covered by the travel companies engaging Red Frogs to be present, and as such will not come as a cost to you. Yay!

When you are asked to enter your flight details in the Red Frog application form, please leave this field empty.

#Apply for Schoolies 2022

Would you like to help young people as a Red Frog for Schoolies 2022? Apply Now!

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