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Join the CrewLorne

Lorne is a very popular Schoolies location situated right on the beach.

The Red Frog crew plays a major role during the Schoolies period to support the schoolies through services including a free shuttle bus, free BBQs and on-call pancake teams.

Red Frogs also provide a very popular chill-out zone that's a great space for schoolies to hang out, grab a free hot drink and have genuine conversation. The Red Frog Lorne volunteers are very welcomed by other support services and a fantastic atmosphere exists amongst the team. If you are interested in joining the Red Frog Crew in Victoria, then Lorne is a great place to start.

Frogging at Lorne Schoolies is an awesome opportunity for you to not only get connected with others who have a like-minded passion for the next generation, but to safeguard young people in their time of need.

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#Volunteer Requirements


Over the age of 18 and not part of the graduating cohort


Current Blue Card or Working With Children Check holder


Able to provide a pastoral check from your local church

#Firstly, do you have a WWCC?

Do you have a current Working With Children Check? If the answer is no, hold up! In order to be a Red Frog volunteer in VIC you must have a current 'WWCC'.

No WWCC? No sweat! You can apply right now!

Get a WWCC

#Location Dates - 2022

Full Time

Sat 26th Nov - Sat 3rd Dec 2022*
*If you are applying as a Team Leader you are required at your location a day earlier.

#Volunteer Costs

Early Bird Registration

Normal Registration

Register Before

4th September 2022

6th November 2022

Full Time
(inc. accom and dinner each night)



#Fundraise your application

Can't afford to get to Schoolies/Leavers? No problem!

Can't afford to get to Schoolies/Leavers? No problem!

Why pay for Schoolies yourself when you can get your fam and friends to sponsor you. Create your own Fund a Frog campaign today!

#Red Frog Roles

As Red Frogs, our role is to support a generation of school leavers during what can be an enjoyable, yet at times, physically and emotionally confronting week. Below are the ways Red Frogs assist during Schoolies week at Lorne.

Hotel Chaplains

Hotel Chaplains are the core of our Schoolies response. As a chaplain you will be part of a team of 4 to 5 crew members responsible for a hotel 24/7. This is your opportunity to build friendships with the Schoolies by being available to them in their hotels, on the streets or in the Schoolies Hub.

Each team has a team leader as well as a strong network of pastoral carers and location leaders, ensuring you are valued and supported day and night. Being a Hotel Chaplain is a full time commitment for your selected date block.

RF Creative Crew

Whether you’re handy with a camera, have a director’s cap or just love telling a great story - we need you.

As RF Creative we get the privilege of capturing the incredible behind-the-scenes moments and stories as our crew safeguard a generation - if this is up your ally we would love for you to join us. For more info and to express your interest click below.

#Apply for Schoolies 2022

Would you like to help young people as a Red Frog for Schoolies 2022? Apply Now!

Schoolies 2022