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Schoolies/Leavers Survival TipsRed Frogs Top Tips For A Safe Schoolies/Leavers.

Here are some tips on how to have a safe and enjoyable Schoolies/Leavers.


Stock the fridge/pantry!

Get mum to make frozen meals for you to take (because you still need to eat when you run out of money).


A hangover is your body's way of telling you it can't cope with the amount of alcohol you've had.



You're never too old for a buddy system: never leave a mate behind.

Have you got your buddy??


Don't go anywhere with anyone you don't know.

Saying "I'm just going for a sec" doesn't count. Tell people where you are going and who you will be with.


Be wise with who you let into your room.

Except those Red Frog people that give you lollies. Let them in.


Stay in well-lit areas, especially in the early hours of the morning.

And make sure you're with your buddy!


Never leave drinks alone and never accept drinks from others.

Drink-spiking is a big issue at Schoolies/Leavers Week.


The risk of hurting yourself is greater when you've been drinking, even at low levels.

If you think it's a bad idea, it probably is.


Alcohol makes you less aware of danger.

Remove the risks.


Protect your privacy on social media

Think about who is filming or photographing you and where those images might end up.


This is probably the first time you're living in the same environment with some of your best mates.

Give each other some space during the week to avoid putting a strain on your relationship.


Know your boundaries and stick to them.

Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn't mean you have to. If it's something you wouldn't normally do, why are you starting now (and will you regret it later)?


Slip. Slop. Slap.

Don't be that guy that gets third-degree sun burns on the second day.


Drink more water!

If you are over 18 and drinking, go 'one-for-one': every alcohol drink you have, why not scull a bottle of water. (Energy drinks do not count as water!)


Familiarise yourself with safety services

High five a cop! Say g'day to Rosies volunteers. It won't hurt if you need them later on.


Call the Red Frog Crew

1300 557 123 to get help, or request a walk home or pancake cook-up.

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