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Festival Survival Tips


Drink plenty of water!

Most festivals provide free water stations, or come see the Red Frogs.


Don't forget to eat

Not eating equals starvation, which equals passing out, which equals missing half the festival. Prices are inflated at festivals so bring extra money to support the local food vendors.


Safety in numbers

Always arrange a meeting point in case you get separated from your mates or lose your phone. Make it somewhere fun otherwise no one will wait there, like the red frog chill out tent or a stage.


Nobody likes smelly people!

If you're staying overnight, take a waterproof tent, a torch, clean undies and deodorant.


Take ear plugs

not very rock and roll, but you'll thank us for it in 10 years when you still have your hearing and you don't have tinnitus!


Wear comfortable shoes

Wear comfortable shoes and make sure they're closed in - thongs are no good if it rains and you don't want a blow out! Always bring back up gumboots.


Be sun safe

Don't forget to wear sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself from sunburn. There's no need to ruin your fun with killer sunburn and looking like a lobster.


The toilet situation

Familiarise yourself with all the toilet locations when you first arrive. Also don't rely on the festival organisers/venue to provide soap. Take a mini bottle of hand sanitiser or a travel pack of baby wipes. Sounds lame, but you'll thank us later.


Save your phone!

If it is threatening rain - put your mobile in a ziplock bag. You can still send texts without the risk of getting the phone wet.


Finally, bring a battery pack

... because your phone will die.

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