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Info for Festival Patrons

You can find the same Red Frog Crew that helped you at schoolies/leavers week at music festivals all over Australia!

Red Frogs will be there giving you water to make sure that you don’t get dehydrated on those hot sunny days and will help by putting food in your stomach so you can go the distance and enjoy the festival.

We also have a chill-out area so that you can take time out from the mosh pit and hangout with the Froggers.

Make sure to look out for the crew at your next event and maybe even score some free stuff!

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#come find us

At the chill-out zone

Look out for the Red Frogs tent where you can come and chill out when you need a break or someone to chat to.

At the hydration station

Thirsty? Haven't had any water for approximately 7 hours? Come grab your h2O from our water station.

In the pit

Our crew offer hydration and support from the pit during festival gigs, so give us a wave if you need.

Roving around the festival event

If you see us roving around make sure you come say hi and grab a frog!

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