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UK Red Frogs Website Coming Soon

Red Frogs is a support program for young people from the ages of 17 – 30.

The concept of Red Frogs started in 1997 when founder Andy Gourley (then youth pastor at Citipointe Church) hit Schoolies Week on the Gold Coast in Australia with his skateboarding mates and realised the need for a designated sober person at the massive drinking parties.

Seeing a need for this type of support for young people in the UK, the Red Frog UK Crew launched in 2007.

The Red Frog Crew spend most of their time hanging out in residential colleges and universities during freshers week and study week. Then throughout the semester you’ll see us at hydration stations in parties, cooking pancakes, running cafe crawls and doing many other random acts to help support uni students through their studies.

Our Mission Is to Provide a Positive Peer Presence to Young People. We're in the Business of Changing Culture.

#For any information regarding university support and how we can support you, please contact us at