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2025 Wall Planner Sponsor

Want your brand to be on the wall of over 50,000 uni students all year round?

Every year since 1999 Red Frogs produce and distribute A1 wall planners for over 50,000 university students around Australia.

These wall planners are extremely popular, with many students enquiring to get their hands on one even before the start of the new year, and often wait up to an hour in line at our market days stalls to collect one.

The Red Frog wall planner has become an essential part of a uni student’s strategy for scheduling and meeting uni assessment deadlines all across Australia.

Partner with Red Frogs for amazing brand exposure and to further our vital work within youth culture.

Your sponsorship will include:

Your sponsorship will include:

Top header branding & naming rights
4 x Side column ad
Business name on back of worker’s shirt
Links on the Red Frogs website


Within 143 residential dorms/colleges around Australia

Given out at University Market Days

Posted out by order via the website

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We'd love to chat more about this amazing opportunity. 

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