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Student Leader Training

Culture is always changed from the inside out.

This means the future of your residence is in the hands of your students. Helping them to recognise that they have the power to carry influence and have a positive impact on their peers is what we are passionate about. We love passing on the DNA of Red Frogs to students to help them make responsible decisions and build great futures! We have three training presentations and workshops to help accomplish this.

Red Frogs is in the business of changing culture.

#RA and Executive Training

Red Frogs are in the business of changing culture. We have found that equipping and training RA's and Executives is key in helping manage risks often found in student residences. Our training program is practical and empowering with various customisable modules available, including: 


Servant leadership and effective leadership principles


Social programs and successful event planning


Drug and alcohol awareness


Insights into youth culture


Building a positive college culture


Mental health 101

#Fresher Orientation

Starting out at University or TAFE can be a hard transition for students! In this introductory presentation we draw upon 20 years of experience working with youth in Australia to give them an educational ‘101’ to life after secondary school.

In this one-hour program we cover the following topics which help students adjust to this new stage of life away from home: 


Who are Red Frogs


Managing your time and relationships after school


Moving from home to college/residential life


Making the most of university


Realities of adulthood


We would love to create a custom package for your college/residence. Please have a chat to us today by emailing or calling 1300 557 123.

#Book Now

Partner with us today to equip and empower students for tomorrow. Book the Student Leadership program and receive the Fresher Orientation program for free!

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