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University Education Programs

Strengthening Australian universities by equipping students with knowledge to navigate university life, and develop leaders with skills to build strong and supportive cultures.

University life provides young people with diverse educational and life experiences. Red Frogs recognises the importance of supporting and promoting the health and well being of university students.

To flourish, students need regular experiences of striving, growth, connectedness to others, and meaning in life (Larcombe, Baik & Finch, 2022).

Educating and empowering young people to make positive life choices and become a voice of change within their culture.

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#Our program is a curation of specialised content with the aim of equipping university students in Australia to thrive whilst studying. ​Our content includes key topics informed by current evidence, organisational research and stakeholder feedback.

Each module is a facilitated 60-90 minute, evidence-based education sessions/workshops that can be tailored to individual university needs and context. We have two streams of content for both university students and leaders.

#Freshers Training

Our dynamic and evidence-based workshops help students adjust to university life, navigate party culture with confidence and develop greater self awareness, laying the foundations for future success.


Adjusting to university life

A practical session that equips students with tools to ensure a smooth transition to Australian university life that is both successful and fulfilling.


Party Safe

A dynamic session that develops awareness and confidence in students to navigate the Australian University party scene with their values intact.


Self-leadership & becoming your best self

An interactive session that engages students in thought-provoking dialogue to enhance self awareness, preparing them to flourish in university and beyond.

#Leaders Training

Designed exclusively for leaders, these engaging workshops will provide strategic insights and practical tools to cultivate inclusive communities, foster cohesive teams, and execute safe and successful events.


Creating inclusive communities & culture

A foundational session that empowers university leaders with insight and skills to effectively create and sustain inclusive culture and healthy community.


Creating & building cohesive teams

An engaging session that draws on globally recognised leadership tools to develop individual awareness, effective communication, and enhanced team health.


Creating safe & successful events

A personalised workshop to guide student leaders in designing and executing successful university events that are community orientated and creatively inclusive.

#We’d love to partner with you to empower your students and leaders for a positive future.

#"We are always better informed when we have experience and expertise coming in from the outside." Dr Alasdair Murrie-West

Dan- Student

I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity I had to attend a Red Frogs Workshop. The emphasis on responsible partying and promoting a healthy lifestyle were invaluable when navigating the challenges of university life. The program taught me the value of compassion, resilience and the importance of giving back to others. I found a great sense of connection amongst my peers, as we learnt how to foster an inclusive community on campus. I’m grateful for the guidance and input and would recommend this program to everyone.

Shanice- Residential Leader

Through the Student Leader Training I learnt things about myself and the other leaders that I wouldn’t have otherwise know. For example leadership, communication and conflict styles. We can all approach this differently and have different expectations, but need to work as a team and understand one another in order to work together effectively. One of the lessons I took away from the workshop was the importance of empathy and active listening. And I loved that the Red Frogs came back for future workshops to help us navigate growing as a team throughout the year. In summary my leadership capabilities have been expanded beyond my expectations and I’m now better equipped to lead, serve and make a difference in my college.

#Empowering Leaders for a flourishing student life

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We'd love to partner with you today to equip and empower students for tomorrow.

After a quote? We can create a custom package for your college/residence. Please have a chat to us today by emailing or calling 1300 557 123.

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