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Fundraising Ideas

Stuck for ideas? Here are some ways you can support the vital work of Red Frogs!

Thank you for taking the first steps towards raising funds, awareness and support towards the work of Red Frogs!

To give you some ideas, many of our supporters have had success with the following fundraising activities.

Why not host a morning tea, run a raffle, organise a golf day, hold an art auction, run a marathon or do a challenge event!

#Here are some ways you can support/fundraise


Personal Events/Challenges

Fundraising is at its best when there is fun involved! It could be a physical challenge or a personal event - get creative! Some ideas could be:
- Running a half marathon
- A bike ride with a friend
- Tough Mudder or Colour Run
- Climbing Everest Base Camp
- Sky diving
- Hosting a morning tea
- Garage sale or clothes swap
- Grabbing your guitar and holding a backyard gig


Sponsorship of Schoolies Volunteers

Each year, RFA empowers over 1500 volunteers to help safeguard and provide relief to young people in high-risk situations at Schoolies Week. Unfortunately, not all volunteers can afford to a week off work and pay volunteer registration costs to be involved.

Your donation towards or promotion of 'Fund a Frog' can see more volunteers on the ground and further increases the reach and impact of the RFA program.


Provate/General Donations

Direct to Red Frogs Australia



Annually, Red Frogs cook over 100 000 pancakes throughout our programs at Schoolies Week, universities, and high schools.

You can play an integral part in providing relief to young people by holding a pancake drive to collect pancake shakers through your personal networks and donate them to RFA.


Fundraising Dinners

Every year, RFA has annual fundraising dinners across the nation, raising much-needed funds towards our programs. By attending, sponsoring a table, and/or providing awareness through your networks to come and support these events, you can directly contribute to the work of RFA.

For a list of dates, locations, or more information, please visit the page below.


Donations of Memorabilia

Various RFA events offer the opportunity to auction donated items/services with funds raised going to the Red Frogs programs.

If you have an item (i.e. sporting memorabilia, artwork, commercial service etc.) that you would like to donate, please get in touch!


In Kind Support

The networks found amongst individuals and businesses can often be highly beneficial in offering ‘in-kind’ support and services to non for-profit organisations such as Red Frogs.

If you have suggested connections of this kind or have associations that may prove of benefit towards the work of Red Frogs, we'd love to hear from you.

#Let's do it! Get your Fundraising Kit below