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Helping Your Teen During Exams

Here are some strategies to help your teen do their best this exam block!

Exam season is fast approaching for our Grade 12s. As your teen is starting to prepare for exam block, remember to keep a close eye on any changes in their behaviour.

If your teen is losing touch with their friends, having drastic mood changes, losing their appetite, procrastinating a bit too much or struggling to sleep, have a conversation with them about implementing these healthy exam strategies.

keep a close eye on any changes in their behaviour.

#Study Strategies

Suggest Some Study Tips

As your teen is navigating a stressful time, encouraging them to implement successful study tips is important. Talk to them about the importance of a clean, distraction free study space, a checklist to stay on track, a mind map to help organise ideas and taking short regular breaks for the brain. If your teen communicates difficulty with the unit content, encourage them to ask their teacher... that's what they're there for!

Encourage Positive Lifestyle Choices

Positive lifestyle choices can help your teen stay motivated and improve concentration. Ensure your teen is having good life balance by eating regular meals, drinking water, sleeping at regular times, exercising for 30 minutes a day, putting away their phone, and allocating times for something that they love. Although this seems like... A LOT, putting in a reward system after reaching a study goal is a great way to make sure they're maintaining good life balance. Remind them that procrastination is normal however, it's important that they try their best to avoid last-minute cramming.

Set Up Positive Exam Day Routines

Positive exam day routines can help reduce stress and encourage your teen to bring their A game! Help your teen organise exam equipment, uniform, travel arrangements and a healthy lunch the night before the exam. On the day, help them make a substantial breakfast and remind them to visit the bathroom and stay away from anxious classmates before the exam. If your teen is nervous, be reassuring and tell them they've got this... because they do! Deep breaths and highlighting the important parts of the exam question are practical tips to help calm exam day jitters.