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Info for Event Organisers

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Why have Red Frogs at sporting events, you might ask? 

Our purpose is to work in close proximity with first aid, security and event organisers in order to provide a holistic crowd care strategy ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for patrons.

We aim to achieve two things at sporting events all over Australia:


Provide early intervention for patrons


Provide direct relief to patrons

This is achieved via the below strategies executed by our Red Frog Crew throughout the duration of the event.

#Crowd Care Strategies

Hydration Station

The hydration station is an effective and proactive hydration strategy where patrons can grab a cup of water, icy pole, sunscreen and a few Allen’s red frog lollies.

This tent is best located in a high traffic area (thoroughfare/oval) where the allocated team of Red Frogs can both hydrate and promote safe partying messages, as well as catch and refer any sick or injured patrons onto First Aid quickly.

Roving Teams

Red Frogs teams rove the precinct acting as an extra set of eyes and ears for event staff and first aid. Roving teams are able to monitor the general health of patrons while supporting patrons with water, icy poles & sunscreen.

In the case that a Red Frog roving team encounters a patron requiring immediate first aid treatment or an emergency, the roving teams will assist in escorting the patron to a First Aid station/s, or will radio First Aid directly to send out a medical staff member via two-way radio to the location of the sick/injured person.

Red Frog roving teams have also been trained in crowd diversionary techniques, whereby a team can take the friends of a sick or injured patron away from, or divert the attention of the upset and emotionally charged friends, releasing the medics to be able to work within an uninterrupted environment.

#Cricket Australia Case Study - Follow the Frog

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