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Sports Chaplaincy Support

We understand that a career in professional sport can often be challenging for players both physically and mentally.

That's why Red Frogs provides sports chaplaincy support through the below.

Red Frogs sports chaplaincy supports sporting personalities, team members and their families.‚Äč

Club/Team support

Providing support to sporting personalities and team members (as well as their families) through home visits, positive role modelling and family support during illness or change.

Game day support

Providing direct relief to sporting event patrons. In 2017, our crew distributed over 2702kgs Red Frogs, 13,651 litres of water and 12,400 icy poles as a part of our crowd care strategy.


Providing education and practical steps toward drug and alcohol harm prevention.

#Community Engagement

Partnership with Red Frogs means:


Brand alignment within our Community Programs.


Opportunities through our school presentations, universities program and Schoolies.


Engagement opportunities to present positive media messages.

#Get in touch to see how we can support you and/or your team.