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Life After School

Equips your students as they prepare for the changes and choices they will face once they leave school.

#About the program

Red Frogs see a need in supporting young people as they prepare for the changes and choices they will face once they leave school.

Regardless of their chosen career path, students finishing school face major changes that go beyond just having a new occupation. Our presenters will cover some practical aspects of surviving newfound independence (such as budgeting, moving out of home and owning a car), and also examine the impact that major change has on mental health.

Through a series of real life examples, students will be given useful tools and safeguards for coping with change which they can begin practising now.

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Running time: 1 hour

To get the most out of this program we recommend at least 1 hour.


This program is aimed at students in Year 11-12.

The issues raised in the videos were relevant and useful and exactly what we needed the students to hear.

Joan Malan, Northside Christian College

#Topics include


Purpose and direction for your future


Choices and staying true to yourself


Responsibilities and expectations


Changes to living arrangements


How to manage social relations


How to manage mental health

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If you have budgeting concerns, please do not hesitate to discuss payment options with us. We can tailor the programs to suit the specific needs of your students, at your request. 

Email us at or call 1300 557 123.

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