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Party Safe

Empowers your students to handle the various situations they may be confronted with in environments such as after parties and music festivals.

#About the program

Our Party Safe program leaves students aware of and equipped to navigate many of the situations they may be confronted with in various party environments, such as after parties and music festivals.

This hands-on program helps students' identify the dangers present in party situations and equips them with strategies to protect themselves and others.

Similar to our Schoolies/Leavers program, the Party Safe curriculum is based on the latest research and the many years of experience Red Frogs has in supporting young people in party environments such including university parties and end-of-school celebrations. Using stories from our experience as first responders, we’ll challenge students misconceptions and prevalent mainstream perceptions on excessive alcohol consumption and recreational drug use, and empower students to be socially responsible in instances such as peer pressure and consent.

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Running time

Our Party Safe program runs for 1 hour, however it can be modified to fit time restraints.


This program is aimed at students in Year 7-12.


Students to bring own pencils

#Topics include


Alcohol, drugs & the Australian drinking culture


Violence, sexual assault & criminal convictions


Mental health including depression, anxiety & suicide ideation


Peer pressure


Safe partying tips & how to host a safe party


Practical activities to engage students and reinforce messages

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