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Schoolies/Leavers Safety

Encourages and empowers your students to make positive choices at Schoolies/Leavers Week.

#About the program

With our knowledge and experience in Schoolies/Leavers Week support since 1997, we share information and advice on key issues which can arise during the week, and include safety messages from local and state government agencies.

This program encourages and empowers students to make positive choices within various party environments (particularly Schoolies/Leavers celebrations).

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Running time: 1 hour

To get the most out of this program we recommend at least 1 hour.


This program is aimed at students in Year 12.

The presentation was relevant and engaging and there was much positive and constructive conversation in the playground afterwards.

Jacqui McLachlan, Barker College

#Topics include


Alcohol, drugs & the Australian drinking culture


Violence, sexual assault & criminal convictions


Depression, anxiety & suicide ideation


How not to get evicted at Schoolies/Leavers


Staying safe at Schoolies/Leavers

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If you have budgeting concerns, please do not hesitate to discuss payment options with us. We can tailor the programs to suit the specific needs of your students, at your request. 

Email or call 1300 557 123.

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