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Aims to leave your students encouraged and excited about who they are, and their inherent worth and value.

#About the Program

Red Frogs exists to safeguard young people from engaging in behaviours that could harm them and hinder their future. 

We believe that an effective way of doing this is by educating and encouraging them that who they are - their identity - has inherent worth and value. Through information, practical activities, media and personal testimonies, we aim to leave young people encouraged and excited about who they are and the future ahead of them. 

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Running time

To get the most out of this program we recommend at least 1 hour.


This program is aimed at students in Year 7-12.


Whiteboard and whiteboard markers. Students to bring own pencils

The content was very relevant for teenagers in current society. The subjects discussed were most important especially compared to what the media and social media focus on - ie. the "perfection"

Deanne Hudson, Parklands Christian College

#Topics include


Introduction to "identity" including worth, value and uniqueness of self and others.


Discussion on the unrealistic standards and expectations set by society and media.


Harnessing tools such as confidence, resilience and purpose


Includes media and practical activities that will engage students and further enhance the presentation message

#We'd love to hear from you! Book your program or enquire for a quote today.

If you have budgeting concerns, please do not hesitate to discuss payment options with us. We can tailor the programs to suit the specific needs of your students, at your request. 

Email or call 1300 557 123.

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